Whatever the security question, the answer is a National Security Strategy

Centre of Gravity, Number 50

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Jim Molan

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Discussion paper

In this Centre of Gravity Series, Jim Molan examines why the current uncertain strategic environment should be of utmost importance to Australia. Molan argues that priority of government should be the development of an effective, open and honest National Security Strategy, covering the nation as a whole as well as a new parliamentary committee for effective oversight of the proposed national security strategy function.

The world has dramatically changed, and Australia is facing vastly different strategic circumstances. Australia’s defence policies, funding, and posture all need to adapt, and quickly. For most of the post-1945 period Australia’s region was a strategic backwater, as great power rivalry unfolded elsewhere in the world. But the Pacific - Australia’s backyard - is emerging as a critical theatre of great power competition in the years to come. Under these threatening new circumstances, Australia needs to move towards a holistic security strategy that, whilst highlighting defence, also covers other areas critical to national resilience including natural resources, liquid fuels, energy and transportation.

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