How to apply

Stage 1

The first step is to prepare an ‘Expression of Interest’ according to the below instructions and send it to the HDR Convenor. Please do not contact individual scholars. This is not a formal application to the University. Instead it helps you make contact with SDSC and its staff, and gives us the opportunity to assess whether you meet the entry requirements, what the nature of your work is and what staff for supervision we have available.

The Expression of Interest comprises the following parts:

  1. A short cover letter that:

    • Confirms that you will be in residence at ANU for the duration of the program;

    • Identifies specific scholars at SDSC with whom you would like to work (please list names only and do not contact these scholars prior to submitting your EOI to the HDR Convenor); and

    • Explains how you propose to fund the program.

  2. A CV

  3. University transcripts

  4. A 5-8 page research proposal that addresses:

    • The central research question/s;

    • Why that/those questions are important;

    • How that/those question/s are informed by and will inform theory or conceptual frameworks;

    • Proposed methodology and methods; and

    • Sources.

The aim of the research proposal is to demonstrate that the project is well-defined, original, scholarly, important, and viable in three years full-time. If we see value and potential in your proposal, we may ask you to revise and further develop it. Please ensure that the research proposal is prepared, written, and formatted to a high academic standard. This document is very important as it is our first step towards assessing your potential.

Where do I send my Expression of Interest? What happens next?

Once you have prepared your Expression of Interest it must be forwarded to the HDR (Higher Degree Research) Convenor in SDSC. We ask that potential students do not contact individual staff members first.

The HDR Convenor will initially review your Expression of Interest to assess whether it meets our requirements. If they believe it does meet requirements, the Expression of Interest will be forwarded to SDSC. This allows us to arrive at a decision about the potential applicant and to establish if there is sufficient supervisory capacity for that individual.

The HDR Convenor will send you an email outlining SDSC’s decision on whether it wishes to proceed with your potential application.

Key dates

Expressions of Interest are welcome at any time. However, there are some key dates you should consider. The SDSC commencement for PhD students is February of each year. Application rounds for scholarship consideration close 31 August (international students) and 31 October (domestic students) of the previous year.

To meet ANU scholarship application deadlines, prospective students should submit their Expression of Interest to the HDR Convenor no later than 31 May (international students) or 31 August (domestic students). For all other scholarships, prospective applicants should submit their Expression of Interest at least two months in advance of the scholarship deadline.

Even if you are not applying for a scholarship, you are advised to contact the HDR Convenor no later than 31 May (international students) or 31 August (domestic students). Failing to contact us before these deadlines may mean that supervision is no longer available.

Stage 2: Formal application

If your Expression of Interest has been accepted, the next stage is to make a formal application to the University for admission and for any relevant scholarships. The application process for admission and university scholarships is combined, so you will only need to submit one set of documents and forms. The HDR Convenor/relevant staff member will work with you to refine your proposal further and shape your application to maximise your chance of scholarship success. You will need to ensure you apply to the following course:

Doctor of Philosophy, International, Political and Strategic Studies, with the course code 9510 and the Graduate Research Field Pol. Sci. and Internat. Rels.

Submit your application.

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